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Henryk Barycz, Polish scholars at the University of Wrocław before the Polish Rising of January (1858–1863) 151225
Franciszek Jankowski, Polish society of Wrocław at the interval of both wars (1918–1939) 226236
Władysław Czapliński, Polishmen at the Jesuit college of Wrocław in the middle of the XVII th e. 237241
Jadwiga Pełczyna, Polish character of Silesian provinces at the first half of the XIX th c. 242254
Wiktor Hahn, Wladislaus Nehring at last years of his life. 255274
Alfred Kucner, Documents of the political department at the district Opole of old 275286
Reviews and raports 287311
Current events 312334
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