An issue of “Looting” in Silesia during the wars of Frederick II

Jerzy Maron, Bogdan Rok
Original title: Problem ”grabieży” na Śląsku w czasach wojen Fryderyka II
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 1992
Translated by: Katarzyna Hussar

We want to present an issue of the Prussian looting in Silesia during the reign of Frederick II perpetrated in the course of the three Silesian Wars from a perspective of Silesia and the Commonwealth of Poland, relying on historical sources that shape the perception of public at large, particularly in Silesia and in the former Commonwealth of Poland. In 1740, just before the first Silesian War, Wrocław’s Jesuit print shop published a large work by Władysław Łubieński, the then canon of Kraków and Gniezno, and a subsequent bishop, archbishop, and in the end, a primate of Poland…

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