Gentry of borderland. Associations between Kotwicz Górczyński family from the great poland province and von Kottwitz family from Silesia

Paweł Klint
Original title: Szlachta pogranicza. Związki wielkopolskich Kotwiczów Górczyńskich z rodem von Kottwitz ze Śląska
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2011

The purpose of the article is to present associations between gentry from the Southern part of the Great Poland province and gentry from the Northern part of Silesian province in the early modern time on example of Kotwicz Górczyński family from Fraustadt (Wschowa) land and related with them von Kottwitz family from the Duchy of Glogau (Głogów). There were some natural phenomena among gentry of this borderland as arranging of marriages between both sides, buying properties across the border and even moving to the other land. There were no problems with these activities in 16th century. However, at the beginning of the 17th century foreign gentry was accused in Poland of buying land and settling there without the recognition of their legal status as noblemen. Von Kottwitz family from Silesian Köben (Chobienia) and Kontopp (Konotop) experienced such accusations. It is possible that this was the reason that Silesian barons von Kottwitz falsified their genealogy and tried to prove that they were patrilineal descendants of the Polish noble family Kotwicz what allowed them to inherit legally Górczyn property near Fraustadt.

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