„Ida’s Foundation”: (1856-1899) as an example of charitable activity of Princes Hochberg von Pless

Marta Sala
Original title: „Fundacja Idy” (1856-1988) jako przykład działalności dobroczynnej książąt pszczyńskich von Hochberg
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2011

The name and origins of, only little known, Ida’s Foundation was connected with the person of countess Ida von Hochberg, nee von Stechow (1811-1843), the first wife of prince Hans Heinrich X. She was famous mainly as a benefactress in ancestral villages. The idea to provide help to all the people in need, she supported so much, was confirmed in the last will of his husband, signed in November, 20th, 1850. This document was a legal base in order to activate Ida’s Foundation that was accepted by the king Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Prussian minister for internal affairs Ferdinand von Westphalen in February, 5th, 1856. First of all, the institution was providing help for poor school children (distinguished for diligence and good behavior) in the Free State Country Fürstenstein (Książ) area. The task of the Foundation was to prepare clothes and distribute it among the pupils in the time of Christmas. During 43 years of its activity (1856–1899) Ida’s Foundation distributed over 10 800 pieces of various clothes. The years 1858–1882, under the guidance of princess Maria von Hochberg (nee von Kleist), was the most effective period.

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