Institutional fixing of authority of bohemian kings in Silesia. The problem of establishing of the over-foreman office

Mlada Holá
Original title: Institucionální ukotvení moci českých králů ve slezském prostoru. K problematice prosazení úřadu vrchního slezského hejtmana ve druhé polovině 15. století
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2011

The author discusses the administrative reform made by Matthias Corvinus in the middle of 1470s, especially establishing the highest land foreman office. She noticed that the office was generally not accepted at the beginning. It was not possible to join together the executive abilities over Lusatia and Silesia in one hand of such an officer. The attempt was not successful until 1490 when a new foreman for Silesia appeared. Special royal plenipotentiaries administered before. In 1480s Georg von Stein and Johann von Kornitz, significant persons at the Matthias Corvinus’ court, were such officers. Another problem discussed by the author is struggle of the Silesian and Bohemian states to defend their rights and privileges. A Great Privilege from 1498 conceded by the King Vladislas II was their important success, because from that time only a Silesian duke could be appointed to the foreman of Silesia office. A research postulate is to make a further study about the activity of both royal plenipotentiaries and political thought of Silesian states around the role of Crown lands, i.e. their legitimacy of the conviction about subordination of other lands and own right to keep the integrity of the Bohemian Crown. In practice Bohemian states expressed their attitude to those issues by contribution in election of Bohemian Kings, what was exclusive privilege in comparison with other Crown lands.

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