Public enemy? Operations directed by the provincial security against the”German underground” in Lower Silesia

Joanna Hytrek-Hryciuk
Original title: Wróg publiczny? : działania dolnośląskigo Urzędu Bezpieczeństwa wobec ”podziemia niemieckiego” na Dolnym Śląsku
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2010
Translated by: Katarzyna Hussar

The myth of an ‘armed, subversive’ German organisation has become an integral element of the legend of the so-called Recovered Territories. Stories about huge depots of weapons and ammunition, mysterious boxes containing ‘larger sums of money belonging to the Nazi enemies’, a network of international liaisons, paratroopers or secret passages in forests are all part of Lower Silesian myths. Denied by many historians, information on the existence of the ‘German underground’ have been perpetuated in film and literature, including academic publications…

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