Regno Bohemie in perpetuum applicavit. Silesia and Bohemia in silesian medieval historiography

Wojciech Mrozowicz
Original title: Regno Bohemie in perpetuum applicavit. Śląsk a Czechy w śląskiej historiografii średniowiecznej
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2011

The author, in a brief outline, presented changes of the attitude of Silesia to the Bohemian state until 14th century. This made a background for a detailed study on the presence of some problems of Silesian-Bohemian relations and Bohemian issues in Silesian medieval historiography, what, in some extent, reflected the process of forming of historical and political identity of Silesian people. First of all, the author researched chronicles: Book of Henryków, Silesian Polish Chronicle, Chronicle of Polish Dukes, Silesian Chronicle Shortened, Chronicle of Bohemia by Benedict Jonsdorff, and some yearbooks: Yearbook about Bohemian taking over Silesia, Historia Bohemica, that full version is still not published, Polonica et Silesiaca and Głogów (Glogau) Yearbook. The research brought a conclusion that the chroniclers, writing about Silesian-Bohemian relations, still in 14th century regarded Silesia, independently from international and legal changes, not as Bohemian, but Polish. Only in the late Middle Ages, after a long time of being one of the lands of the Bohemian Crown, Silesia was accepted as it by historians. They questioned even earlier Silesian connections with Poland subordinating the picture of the past to contemporary political reality. They even tried to prove historical Bohemian claims to Silesia by using fictional stories with fictional persons.

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