Silesian dukes’ feudal dependence on Bohemia in the light legal acts from the years 1327, 1329 and 1336

Kazimierz Orzechowski
Original title: Lenna zależność książąt śląskich od Czech w świetle aktów z lat 1327, 1329 i 1339
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 1965

The question of the connection of the Duchies of Silesia with the Crown of Bohemia has preoccupied the attention of many academics and in 1865 even came to be the subject of the monographic study recorded in the doctoral dissertation of a Wrocław scholar. However, the issue has been treated rather vaguely, the researchers generally confining themselves only to stating the vassal-like (feudal) character of the relationship and accentuating its informality. C. Grünhagen saw it to be merely an obligation to provide military support to one’s allies in the event of warfare…

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