The bargaining over Silesia during the Thirty Years’ War

Józef Leszczyński
Original title: Zabiegi i przetargi wokół Śląska w czasie wojny trzydziestoletniej
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 1971

Located in the Upper and Middle Odra basin, neighbouring Poland, Hungary, Moravia, Bohemia, Lusatia, March and Pomerania, relatively densely populated, heavily urbanised, especially in its middle part, famous for its natural resources, craft, international and regional trade, and the highly developed agriculture—since the early Middle Ages the land of Silesia has been fought for by all its neighbours, who tried to take it away from Poland and incorporate into their own states. Apart from the economic factors, the process was driven by the geographical location of Silesia and its resulting strategic importance…

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