The history of postwar possessional transformations of buildings of Preventorium for Children at Paczków (Patschkau) in Opole Silesia (a contribution to the attitude of the people’s authorities to the property of the Catholic Church in ‘recovered territories’)

Wanda Musialik
Original title: Dzieje powojennych przekształceń własnościowych zabudowań Prewentorium dla Dzieci w Paczkowie na Śląsku Opolskim. (Przyczynek do stanowiska władzy ludowej wobec własności Kościoła katolickiego na „Ziemiach Odzyskanych”)
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2011

A State Preventorium for Children at Paczków near Nysa, that operated for more than 50 years, was closed in 2005. Originally its building was erected in 1929, as the House of St. John, by the German Caritas of Diocese of Breslau (Wrocław). The author described the history of the Preventorium before 1945 when the building was run by the Alexian Order from Neuss (Rhine). From 1945 the property, then already in the Polish state, was under Apostolic Administration of Diocese of Oppeln (Opole) empowered by the Order to run the House of St. John in the future. The Catholic Church administration in Opole accepted taking the House by the Franciscan Sisters Mary’s Family. They were ‘repatriated’ from the interwar Eastern Poland and recognized taking the building as a form of compensation for property lost in USSR. They, in cooperation with Union of Mine at Zabrze, created the Preventorium for Children infected by tuberculosis at Paczków. The author presented changes in the legal status of formerly German property in ‘Recovered Territories’. The consequence of the changes was that the Catholic Church was deprived of the right to the building and the Sisters were removed in 1949. The building became a state property.

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