The oldest cartulary of the city of Wrocław

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pdf The oldest cartulary of the city of Wrocław 235
Bronisław Turoń
Original title: Najstarszy kopiarz miasta Wrocławia
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 1960
Translated by: Katarzyna Hussar

Undoubtedly, an issue of cartularies is one of the most neglected fields of diplomatic research. Cartularies are a type of chancery records into which the contents of received documents were copied, usually, in extenso, unlike in case of regesta into which the contents of documents issued by the chancery for different recipients were transcribed. Both Russian and Western European diplomatic have made quite significant achievements in the field of research on cartularies. A characteristic feature refers to major differences that are seen in the methods of research and in final results. It is, unfortunately, impossible to present an overall status of research into cartularies that has been carried out abroad…

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