The plans for extending the tram track from Dolny Sobięcin to Boguszów-Gorce in the Wałbrzych county during the 1908-1914 period

Piotr Retecki
Original title: O planach przedlużenia linii tramwajowej z Dolnego Sobięcina do Boguszowa-Gorców w powiecie wałbrzyskim w latach 1908-1914
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka 2012

This article concerns the never realized plans for building a tram track from Dolny Sobięcin (Germ. Nieder Hermsdorf, currently a suburb of Wałbrzych Sobięcin) to Kuźnice Świdnickie (Fellhammer), Boguszów (Gottesberg) and Gorce (Rothenbach), currently contained within the limits of Boguszów-Gorce. Although the plans for this project date from 1908-1914, the local press speculated upon it as early as 1899. It was supposed to be the first tram transportation route between Wałbrzych proper and the western part of the Wałbrzych county. In the event of successful completion, the Wałbrzych-based company Niederschlesien Elektrizitäts- u. Kleinbahn-Aktien-Gesellschaft (NEUKAG) had plans for further development of tram transportation structure in the western part of the Wałbrzych county. Despite the well-preserved records, including the archives material from the State Archive in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki and the local press, these plans have not been the subject of any publication, German or Polish, thus far. The negotiations regarding the financing of the project were halted when World War I broke out. This was the primary factor determining the ultimate failure of the project. Another factor was the mountainous terrain through which the track would have to be built, which raised the costs significantly. The article contains a large amount of previously unpublished materials, concerning plans for expanding the transportation structure of the Wałbrzych county.

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